Monday, January 29, 2007

1/28/07 Bienvenidos a Miami

Here's how much I love you... I was turning off my computer to go to sleep when I realized that I hadn't written anything. More importantly, tomorrow is Monday and I know how hard Mondays can be. And even though I can't offer a lot, if I can help bring a welcome distraction to your day at work, it'll all be worth it. (I know, that doesn't appear to be a lot of love. But it's the best I can do for 12:30am and the gesture is sincere).

I was watching some show on the History Channel. (It wasn't "Digging for the Truth" because that show blows - Every episode gives you some promise of finding Atlantis or the "real" pyramid builders in Egypt, and it always ends with, "Well, uh, we wasted the last hour of your life and we didn't find anything interesting. Join us next time on 'Digging for shit we're not going to find'.") Anyways, this show revolved around Archimedes. Archimedes was friggin' brilliant. Start with the link. But the dude (born in 287 BC) invented odometers to help put mile markers on the Roman roads. And he may have invented machines that simulated the movement of the planets (not to be duplicated for 2000 years). "Carl Friedrich Gauss, himself frequently called the most influential mathematician of all time, modestly claimed that Archimedes was one of the three epoch-making mathematicians"


Reggie Bush got fined by the NFL for taunting in the game against the Bears. If I were a restaurant owner in Chicago (like Ditka's), I'd offer to pay the fine. Since it was the game changing moment that inspired the defense to go on its tear. It's a little mean and childish. But I'd do it.


Do you want to know what lives in your eyelashes?


I had to watch "Donnie Darko" again. This time I watched the non-Director's cut. Although a friend of mine disagrees, I highly recommend the director's cut. (In fact, I watched the deleted scenes and the director was obviously very upset at many of the scenes that had to be taken out. To me, the movie missed some key character interactions without those deleted scenes. Feel free to discuss - Dissent won't bother me in the least). Where am I going with this? First off.... Watch Donnie Darko. I can't stress this enough times. Second, the song (and music video) from the movie... "Mad World" by Gary Jules.

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Mezzopat said...

I could have done without the eyelash article !! Excuse me while I go take a shower with a bottle of rubbing alcohol.