Sunday, August 14, 2005

8/14/05 Uhhhh, Spaghetti?

In my record setting 2nd spaghetti related post in less than a week, physicists have determined why spaghetti breaks into more than 2 pieces when bent. Still no cure for cancer.

As a big fan of The Big Lebowski and of, I apologize for calling their article about The Big Lebowski "pseudo-intellectual". It's a very well written article about a fantastic movie. Occasionally I forget that I need to keep my self-deprecating humor focused on myself. So Max - My sincere apologies.

Mario vs. Sonic.

I was watching Myth Busters with my dad today and they tried busting a myth about Archimedes' Mirror. They claim that the myth is busted and that it would be impossible to generate enough heat to burn a ship with the mirrors.

Mike sends the latest innovation out of Japan. (Real Player required).

Play Jeopardy. And keep score at home.

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No worries. We appreciate the link, and your kind comments.

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