Thursday, August 25, 2005

8/25/05 The Milk Drinking Batboy

The newest chapter in the milk drinking batboy saga - Milk has offered to pay him $500 if he drinks the recommended 3 glasses a milk per day.

It's always surprising to see what new made up psychological disorders and diseases that doctors have come up with. I'm sure if you put together some sort of study, you'd find that there are something like 1000% more official diseases today than there were 20 years ago. TV has taught me that most diseases come with a hot chick and a puppy. Valtrex almost makes me excited to get herpes. I found a new disorder that, well, I really don't understand.

Google Nicki sends me Google Talk. I asked her how it's better than MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger where you can not only chat, but video chat. She writes "It's better". 'Nuf said. I wrote "Ok" and downloaded it.

My dad understands the importance of bathrooms in my life. So he sent me a link to Bathroom Mania.

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Mike said...

I agree w/ Google Nicki. It's leaner and has a more compelling interface than AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger. And a big plus: it isn't blocked by my work. If you prefer GMail over others, for similar reasons you'll prefer Google Talk.