Tuesday, March 14, 2006

3/14/06 How's Your Bracket?

Ready for March Madness? Who's gonna win it all? UConn? Duke? Bucknell? Well, fellas, in the spirit of tournaments, here's one I think we can all agree on.

I think I found a show that's almost as bad as "Deal or No Deal". It's called "King of Vegas" on Spike TV. Today's show was 4 guys playing blackjack. Now, I'll give them a little credit. Knowing when to hit, stay, double down and split takes a good hour or two of memorization. But it's pretty straight forward. I mean, it's a little more skill than picking random suitcases. But really - A TV show? I'm supposed to get excited about people playing blackjack? It's hard to get excited about blackjack when I'm at the table, playing along, getting free drinks from half naked, washed up strippers in Vegas.

Maybe you've seen this - A video of the Microsoft iPod.

For all of you juggling enthusiasts out there (Yes, that means you, freshman year college roommate) - A guy juggling to one of the best songs ever.

I don't think this guy will have a problem paying for bail.

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