Thursday, March 30, 2006

3/30/06 Goonies 'R Good Enough

I wasn't going to tell this personal story, but I came across an online video of Cindy Lauper's Good Enough. So, here's the story. Cousins Barry, Jackie, Stephanie and Carolyn are in town. I joined them for dinner and we wandered around Huntington Beach last night. We walked into to vintage music store with lots of band t-shirts and vinyl records and things of that sort. Somehow a conversation turned to "The Goonies". This is typical when my family is around. The lady at the store immediately points behind me and says "She LOVES the Goonies". I turn around, and in some magical, movie-like, slow motion moment in life, I think I see the woman of my dreams. She loves my favorite movie. And to top it off, she's wearing a t-shirt of my favorite band, Tool. So, very unlike me, I talk to her for a few minutes about Tool and The Goonies. I stump her with some difficult Goonies trivia. But, very like me, I fail to get a phone number. I had the perfect opportunity too. I could've been like "Hey, give me a call when you find the answers". But no. I suck.

Somebody please give me a shot of confidence and teach me how to ask women for their phone numbers. I will NEVER have another perfect moment like that again in my life. The good lord above gives me the perfect sign that this is the woman for me. And I blow it.

Here is Google's quote of the day. I dig. "Idleness is not doing nothing. Idleness is being free to do anything."


mezzopat1 said...

Sounds like the lady at the store knows this woman !! Do some investigation and I bet you could find her again. How romantic would that be ??

Cousin Jeff said...

Maybe being with a couple of teenage girls scared you off?