Friday, March 17, 2006

3/17/06 TV Commercials

My realization for the day - TV commercials with jingles are really catchy. Even for products I could care less about, they become memorable. You know that new Applebee's commercial where the two guys are singing the Gilligan's Island song in the ocean? I can't get it out of my head. Same with the new Budweiser jingle. ("This is Budweiser. This is beer.") And Vonage.

My dad sends the top holidays for drinking. St. Patty's Day is number one. I bet you can't get numbers 2-5 without looking.

Poker talk for today - I played a 10 player sit & go. The table was loose and crazy. So I just sat back and waited for real big hands. During the first 20 minutes, I played 2 hands. And missed the flop on both and folded. You'd think the other players might pay attention to the tight play. In general, they don't. With 1700 in chips (you start with 2000) and the blinds at 50/100, I got dealt QQ. First guy limps for 100, I make it 400. I get 3 callers, including the first limper. So, I'm pretty sure that nobody has AA or KK because there was no reraise. With 1600 in the pot, I was going to push all in if no A or K hit. The flop came 9 high. The first guy checked, and I pushed. The next guy calls almost instantly and I'm convinced he has JJ or maybe 10 10. The other 2 guys fold and he flips over JJ. Like most of my poker stories, he hits his 2 outer on the river and I lose another 90%+ proposition. It's times like that where I almost wish I could show my cards and convince him not to call.

Poker talk part 2 - I don't like playing weak aces. Yesterday I had A 5 in the big blind. There were 2 players in for 2x the BB, so I just called to see a flop. I actually said to myself "Flop me a wheel. I haven't had that happen in a long time." (A wheel is the Ace through 5 straight). I flop the wheel. The only hand I'm afraid of is 6 5, and I really don't think either guy has it. First guy bets out weakly. I smooth call. The 3rd guy (the original raiser) bets 1.5 times the pot. With 2 diamonds on the board, I don't want to give him a free card. So I push all in, making it 3x the pot and all of his chips to call. He calls on a diamond draw and gets it on the turn. Looking back, I should have raised the initial weak bet. There was really no need to slowplay there.

Otherwise, my poker game of late has been pretty solid. My decision making is slowly getting better.

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