Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3/21/06 Chef

Rumors about South Park have been swirling as of late. Isaac Hayes will no longer be the voice of Chef. It appears that it has to do with his affiliation with Scientology. Well, you won't be surprised that the creators of South Park will get their revenge on Chef in their first episode this season. Poker Jason sends this article. Poker Jason also told me that Comedy Central was planning to re-air the Tom Cruise "Trapped in the Closet" episode about Scientology recently, but cancelled at the last minute. He says that there's some rumor that the same company that owns Comedy Central is also involved with Mission Impossible III. And that Tom Cruise wouldn't do any publicity for the movie if the episode aired. Does anyone have any articles about that?

When you're bored like I am, you sometimes start looking for new challenges. My newest personal challenge? Juggling 5 balls at once. This dude says it'll take 3 months.

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