Thursday, March 02, 2006

3/2/06 Be Like Mike

This is one of the greatest commercials I've seen in a while. It sort of brought a tear to my eye (which probably gives you an idea of how sad the sentimental parts of my life are). Part of the reason it was so good, is that I didn't know what it was for the first time I saw it. So, if you can, close your eyes and click play on the video window and ignore what you see.

Bret Boone retires, citing he "lost the edge". What edge is that Bret? Why the sudden dropoff after the 2004 season, Bret?

The Nacho Expert IMed me yesterday, telling me about the new game show Deal or No Deal. He told me how hooked he and his wife are. So I DVRed it. With all due respect, dude... It's horrible. It's the worst show ever. It's like watching some random guy's grandma play keno. Next thing I knew, I watched the entire hour of the show. People are simply picking briefcases at random with varying dollar amounts. There is no skill involved. It's for people who get confused by "Let's Make a Deal". If "Let's Make a Deal" is the card game hearts, this is Go Fish. No, that's too complicated. It's like Casino War. I can't believe anybody thought that show was a good idea. Oh, I watched it again tonight. Because I'm a mindless monkey. And the models who hold the briefcases are hot.

Advertise your mental disorder.

Cousin Danny sends the newest dance craze.

I saw the movie Munich today. The dude had a Swiss Bank Account. I think it would be cool to have a Swiss Bank Account. There's nothing to this. It would just be cool.

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Cousin Jeff said...

Behavioral economists at Chicago GSB and other places loved the original European version of Deal or No Deal - it showed people making real split second decisions between the expected value of a set of choices, and a different set value. In other words, it measures real-world risk aversion (or the lack thereof).