Sunday, November 18, 2007

11/18/07 Sports in SoCal

Watching football in Southern California is a unique experience. It's the only place where you can go to a sports bar and find fans for just about every game being played. During today's games, there was a suggestion to make the "house game" the Bears vs. Seahawks. By "house game", they will put the audio to that game and make sure that they utilize their HD feed for that game. You'd think the vote would come down to San Diego or one of the old LA teams (Rams or Raiders). But no. It was the Chicago Bears or the Washington Redskins.

One table of mostly females in the corner was making the most noise during the afternoon. Their TV was positioned in such a way that I couldn't see what they were watching. Every time they got really excited, I'd look at the TVs and try to figure out which game was worth screaming over. After an hour or so, I couldn't figure it out. I finally noticed one of their shirts. It was number 48. It was a white T-shirt with mostly blue writing. Maybe a little gold too. Still, nothing made sense. Eventually, I took a closer look at the shirt. Johnson #48. Again, nothing's ringing a bell. I understood the Santana Moss jersey. Even the Alex Smith one made sense. But Johnson #48? Then I noticed one TV in the corner as they began screaming again. Some orange car was "injured" and pulling off the NASCAR track. So I watched for another minute. And that was it - They were cheering on Jimmie Johnson and his number 48 car.


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