Monday, November 19, 2007

11/19/07 Wall Drug

If you've ever had the pleasure of driving on I-90 through South Dakota, you're probably familiar with Wall Drug. It goes without saying that there's not a whole lot going on in South Dakota. But, the one thing you will notice every 2.3 miles or so is another billboard for Wall Drug. In fact, the billboards stretch for 500 miles, starting in Minnesota. (No joke. Check the link.) After 7 hours of billboard bombardment, you pretty much HAVE to stop there. How can you not? It's just human curiosity. And what's there? I wish I could re-enact the hours of anticipation Road Trip Joe and I had, only to realize that it's a tourist trap of a crap hole strip mall. I think they had 5 cent coffee. That almost made the trip worth it.

You may be surprised at where this is going. Those Wall Drug billboards are now synonymous (in my mind) with the ads for "Frank TV" on TBS. They've been running those ads for months now... During every commercial break of every baseball playoff game... I must have seen 750 ads since September. And now, much like Wall Drug, I refuse to not watch it. I have to know if it's any good. I'm sure it'll rank right up there with "The Big Bang Theory" (Which was on rerun tonight after only about 6 episodes... That can't be good news for them).


Here's something I learned that I'm ashamed I didn't know from 1st grade history... Tobacco is native to the Americas and wasn't introduced to Europe, Africa or Asia until Christopher Columbus brought some over. I feel like that's something I should've known. Also in my research I found that, among the uses for tobacco throughout history was a hallucinogenic enema used by the Peruvian Aguaruna aboriginals.


The new math books in the state of Texas are full of errors. 109,263 to be exact.


Remember the game "Guess Who?"


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No Longer Neighbor Natalie said...

Hey! I loved Walls Drug. Yeah, it was touristy in some parts, but the building is authentic and the parlor where you have your nickle coffee is very nice, and don't forget to have one of those donuts!!

Mmmhmm... on a dreary, South Dakota day, and after 500 miles in a car, it's nice to have a place to get warm and marvel at those Western pioneers.