Thursday, November 18, 2004

11/18/04 Coolest thing ever

This is probably the first time I have had two posts in one day. But I have stumbled across what could possibly be the neatest thing I've seen in a long time. just bought You can download a free 7-day trial of Keyhole.

When you use Keyhole, it is like you're the good lord above and can zoom in on any address in the world. Well, not any address, but most major cities are covered. And you can zoom in to about the point where you can tell if your car is in the driveway or not. Then when you enter a new address, you're on some sort of magic carpet that brings you to your next destination. I can't figure out what's more amazing - This software or the fact that we still can't find Bin Laden despite military software that must be better than this.

On a personal, yet sort of related note, I interviewed with Google today. Wish me luck.

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