Monday, November 01, 2004

11/2/04 Down with the government!

In honor of election day, I decided to exercise my freedom of speech in a bit of an excessive way. Today, my friends, I write about the Fluoride Conspiracy.

65.8% of all public water systems in the US is fluoridated. As children, we were told that fluoride prevents cavities and decay. Which is why it is in our water as well as in our toothpaste. I even had fluoride treatments at the dentist growing up. Fluoride occurs naturally in rocks in very small percentages, but before the US government insisted on dumping fluoride (also the main ingredient in rat poison) into our water system, it was nearly impossible for a human in the US to put fluoride in his or her body.

Ok, fluoride appears to prevent cavities... But what else does it do for us?

As seen in China and India where fluoride is at toxic levels in some water supplies, "Long-term exposure to excessive doses of fluoride causes bow-leggedness, arthritis, paralysis and makes people into hunchbacks."

Fluoride is also linked to lower IQs. "Fluoride crosses the blood-brain barrier producing biochemical and functional impairment of the nervous system during the developmental periods of infancy and childhood"

And probably the most interesting side effect is that studies have shown that fluoride causes a SEDATIVE EFFECT. Hmm... Curious... why would anyone want to introduce a sedative into the public water supply???

Among the countries that reject the idea of adding fluoride to the drinking water are Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, Austria and France.

Oh, and where did all of this fluoride come from? It was needed for the Manhattan Project back during WWII. Fluoride was required for the atomic bomb. So guess who had stockpiles of fluoride after the war? That's right - big business. So DuPont stood to make a killing if we could somehow introduce fluoride into our lives. Voila - toothpaste now with fluoride.

Well, I did just learn this today. So again, in honor of the most important election of my lifetime (and I'm sure yours too), I am speaking freely in a nation that holds the right to free speech very dear. So, get up, get showered, brush your teeth, and go vote. Or don't. It's cool.

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