Wednesday, November 17, 2004

11/18/04 National Treasure

I was watching Mythbusters and they have an episode that was supposed to be based on the new movie, National Treasure. What I learned is the symbology of the Dollar Bill. Like the number 13 is all over the bill. And that I invented the word "symbology". And the reason the pyramid isn't capped is because we're not done building our nation.

And while I'm on the topic of movies, The DaVinci Code will be on the big screen next year. Tom Hanks is being cast to play the main character. I imagined more of a young Indiana Jones type guy. But I'm sure Forrest Gump will pull it off just fine.

It's a little late, but Odd Todd's Halloween Special is out.

I met a recruiter today and he started talking about how 2 days after the election, nobody really cared about politics anymore. Well, in honor of that dude, here's a guy who definitely has a strong opinion.

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