Wednesday, November 24, 2004

11/24/04 Green Poop

A few people may know my green poop story. Once when I was in Vegas, I signed up for a credit card. And instead of the normal T-Shirt or hat, they offered up a six-pack of Romulan Ale. They hounded me for months afterwards, looking for "more accurate" information, which I, uh, seemed to have forgotten at the time.

But I'll tell you something - I had only 1 of those beers, and my next poop looked like the nuclear fuel rod that gets caught in Homer's shirt during the Simpsons' Intro. Bright glowing green. I repeated the experiment 5 more times (at which point my six pack was gone) with 2 new people. The results were the same. Bright, nuclear fuel rod green poops. We took each others' word for it, of course. The reason I'm recalling this unpleasant story is that the same experiment has been done with Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

You too can participate in the study:

1) Drink two 20-ounce bottles of Mountain Dew Pitch Black over the course of the day.
2) Then, watch your poop.Was your poop green? If so email your findings to

And for my non-poop/anal related story of the day... A very insightful, Stanley Kubrick like, internet movie that Nicki sent. What is Epic?


Anonymous said...

Mark - a college friend of mine had the same story with blue Powerade - Nuclear green poop. He called them alien dumps. And yes, we took his word for it. I sent him the link to your entry, so he might be posting more details in the days to come.

-Cousin Jeff

Anonymous said...

haha that must have been my problem then.... lol.. i ate a huge blue popsicle and freaked out when i looked in the toilet today hahaha.