Thursday, November 04, 2004

11/4/04 Mile High

I realize that this week is turning into a travel journal. But given the quality of my facts lately, this is a refreshing change for me.

My first stop today was at Fort Kearney, Nebraska. I told my brother that the river was 7.7 feet deep, so I caulked my wagon and forded it. I lied. I really paid an indian to ferry us across. I also rested 2 days, got dysentery and traded 2 sets of clothes for 400 bullets. The bullets came in handy later in the day. I got pissed though that I shot 2 buffalo and a squirrel and could only carry 100 pounds back to my car, er, wagon.

After an entire day of almost continuous 75 mph speed limits, a gas station in nowheresville, Colorado that had a green plastic dinosaur out front, and 10 hours on the road, I find myself in Kobe-ville. The only difference between me and Kobe is that there's nobody in my room here in Eagle. That and I'm white. And he's famous. And he's really good at basketball. And he's a douchebag.

Finally, I-70 W through Denver is nuts, especially at night. Not only are you climbing to 10,000 feet through the twists and turns of the mountains, but there's a MINIMUM speed limit of 55 mph. I had to floor it to keep from getting a (whatever the opposite of speeding is) ticket. Oh, and there are tight downhill turns where the speed limit around the corner gets reduced from 75 to 70. There's really no need for cops to pull over speeders here. You're not topping 60 around those bends without dying.

Tomorrow - Vegas, baby.

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame you saw Denver at night. It's a pretty scenic drive especially when your car is going over a cliff.

Looking forward to the Vegas update. At the blackjack table, maybe you'll be lucky enough to sit next to one of those MIT guys who supposedly win millions.

Keep on bloggin',