Friday, May 12, 2006

5/12/06 There's No Place Like Home

My mom sends a cartoon putting the current political goings on to the Wizard of Oz.

Follow up on the Da Vinci Code Quest Game Thing....

Bob and I want to know if anybody won a Cryptex. We were both a bit nutty the last day of the competition (since we're both under the impression that the 1st 10,000 entrants would win). And both of us couldn't access all of the pages necessary at work to complete the task quickly. Joanna? Did you win anything? Anyone else? Bob and I are really keen on getting our hands on a cryptex.

A couple of random things:

1) Happy birthday, Nacho Expert!

2) I was playing basketball this afternoon with some pretty good competition. (Translation - They were WAY better than me. As long as I wasn't shooting or dribbing or doing anything dumb, everyone was happy). I had no time to warm up and I was 0 for 3 (over the course of 4 games) from 3-point range. Basically I just ran around and set picks for the good players. My fourth 3-point shot was an open shot from the left corner. The shot felt really good as I released it. But immediately I heard a light thud and I couldn't quite figure out how somebody got a hand on my shot. I could've sworn I was wide open. Then I noticed a bird that flew directly over my head onto the court. So, yeah. I hit a bird. Or, more the the point, the bird blocked my shot. Look at it this way. The bird had as many blocks as I did in 3 hours of playing. Or, look at it this way. I hit more birds than I did 3-pointers. Don't worry - the bird flew off and appeared to be fine. But after the miss (sadly, that was my closest shot up until that point) the other team took possession. Somehow it didn't seem fair. To me or the bird.

3) There's nothing quite like watching Shawn Marion shoot. He's a tremendous player and all. It's just that he has this fruity, girl-like form. Oh, I figured out why. He's from Waukegan. (Did I just offend gays, women, the Phoenix Suns and people from Waukegan in 20 words or less? Oops.)


Joanna said...

Hiya Nacho and Bob!

Yep, the cryptex came in the mail yesterday, and the e-mail showed up later in the evening. It's a lovely little piece, alhtough the craftsmen seem to have gotten sloppy (must be tedious to mass-produce 10,000 of them?), as only the last two letters in the code actually matter. Oh and, no acid. :P I suspected the first 10,000 to finish would be the finalists, and as I had the last day of the challenge off, I simply fooled around near the computer as 1PM got closer, and finished the challenge around 1:15. The final challenge just depends on the shortest completion time, so no worries, right? :)

Click the link for a view of the cryptex, and wish me luck! :D

Anonymous said...

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