Wednesday, May 17, 2006

5/17/06 Stacked

Compared to previous years, I've been trying really hard to avoid talking about the White Sox. It finally hit me that my biggest beef with "The Sports Guy" is that he writes WAY too much about the Red Sox and the Patriots. As you well know, I'm a huge fan of his writing and tend to link to his articles quite a bit. But the articles that focus on Boston and his buddies are the ones I tend to just glance over. They're just way too personal and far too boring. On the flip side, the rest of his articles are usually "Bathroom Print Worthy" or BPW. Those are the articles that you'll print out in the office and bring with you to the bathroom. You'll also read the entire article without regard to the numbness in your leg.

That entire lead-up was only to justify the fact that I'm posting something about the White Sox. A feature article about the White Sox organization was front and center on today. The article is entitled "Williams has Sox loaded for years to come". My first reaction was - "It's about friggin' time somebody recognized the job GM Kenny Williams is doing!" Soon followed by a reaction of, "Damnit. Things were way better when nobody expected anything about the White Sox. Things can only go downhill from here." They've gone from underappreciated (which I talked about all last year when they had the best record in baseball wire-to-wire and nobody seemed to care) to a little over-hyped.

What have I learned from all of this? That I'm never happy. I bitched when the media ignored them. And now I'm upset that they're prematurely being considered the next baseball dynasty. It should be of no surprise to anyone that I may never get married. I'm just one grumpy dude.

Have you read the latest article on chimp to human evolution? One of the biggest gaps in my understanding of the theory of evolution is the actual evolution part. Let's say a bunch of chimps exist. Then there's some mutant chimp that is really human (as is my understanding of evolution). How does the mutant chimp procreate more mutant chimps? If it can procreate, then it's not a human. It's still a chimp, right? Where is the separation? Anyways, here's the article in a nutshell...

There were chimps. They split up. The evolved in their own ways, but were still chimps. They met up again millions of years later. They mated. Their goofy offspring mated with the original groups. Voila. Evolution. Or something like that.

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