Tuesday, May 09, 2006

5/9/06 714*

714. As a son of a baseball fan, that number has been locked into place. It resides in the part of my brain that remains as permanent as the ability to use my hands and feet. 714 is the number of homeruns that Babe Ruth hit in his career. When Babe Ruth broke the all-time homerun record, he did it at 139 homeruns. In 1920, Babe Ruth hit 54 homeruns, smashing the single season record of 29. In fact, he out-homered every single team except for one (the Phillies). His dominance of the game is something we will never see again. It would be like someone hitting 110 homeruns a season. Every season. It just won't happen.

All that being said, I learned something new about the homerun rule. Up until 1931, any ball that bounced over the outfield wall was considered a homerun. Babe Ruth's career spanned from 1914 - 1935. Today, it's a ground rule double. How many of Babe Ruth's homeruns bounced? I have no idea.

Every so often someone will ask what websites I visit on a regular basis. I'm sure, like most of you, I visit the same few sites all the time. Well my friends, it's time to broaden our horizons. The 2006 Webby Awards have been announced. The nominees and winners of more than 60 categories are listed.

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