Thursday, May 04, 2006

5/4/06 Freakonomics

Cousin Barry gave me the book "Freakonomics" to read a few months back. Only yesterday did I realize that the author has an ongoing blog (not that there are really any non-ongoing blogs, but you get the point). This blog talks about about a pop artist that is giving away her music on a donation only basis. She suggests $.99 per song. She's averaging $1.14 per song. You hear that music industry?! People ARE willing to pay for music. WE'RE NOT CRIMINALS! So quit treating us like we are. (Sorry, I think the new job is making me extra cranky).

I'm going to jail. And so are you.

3,738 lactating moms set new world record for "most sucking babies in one place" previously held by Duke.

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