Sunday, May 07, 2006

5/7/06 Exarads (Part Deux)

As I (we?) near the completion of the Da Vinci Code game, I finally got an answer to the "exarad" question. Joanna (who I don't know, but it's hot that a random woman answered this question for me) writes:

Nope, you're right! Bob is a tad off. [Editor's Note: Bob's always been "a tad off". Just kidding, Bob :)] The answer works out to be c^2 (c = light speed = 299,792,458 m/s, obviously). But they want it in exarads! Eep! Rads don't refer to radians here, but radiation (, which is expressed in J/kg (joules per kilogram), which can be converted to m^2/s^2 ( So by rounding up to the nearest whole number you get an answer of 9. This game was made for geeks like us! :P


Only two more days until the game is complete. I hope one of us wins the Cryptex.

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Mister Abrams said...

Hey...I know that I am a tad off, but we don't need to broadcast it to the entire Internet!!!