Tuesday, May 02, 2006

5/2/06 The Month Ahead

Looks like we have quite a week ahead of us. The "Day without Immigrants" kicked us off. And, in an unrelated call to arms, Friday will not only be El Cinco de Mayo... but is also No Pants Day. Tequila and no pants seem to be our generation's chocolate and peanut butter.

Not to be outdone, June 6th is staking a claim to "most exciting day of the year"... A day where the fear mongering media is promoting 6/6/06. "With June 6, 2006, rapidly approaching, authorities in Colorado and elsewhere are carefully watching to see if that date - 6/6/06 - spurs demonstrations or violent activity." Can't you see the South Park episode already in the works?

But wait, there's more! If you're not scared yet, the media isn't done! If getting slayed by a bunch of aging Black Sabbath fans doesn't instill fear... maybe 2 million Americans dying of the bird flu will. How many cases of this flu have been reported? Worldwide? It's in the hundreds? Maybe? Why are we now getting headlines saying that 40% of Americans will be sick and unable to work. 2 million of which will die. Where is the logical move from point A (a few people in Asia have died from the flu) to point B (EVERYBODY PANIC! THE END IS NEAR!)? God, I hate the media.

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