Saturday, August 11, 2007

8/11/07 Week in Review

I must be paranoid about my sanity. Because I've continually searched Google this week for "Ernie Banks Quadratic Formula" to see if anyone else noticed the hat. It finally showed up on some San Francisco Giants newsgroup. My favorite post is the final one:

- I was just saying the other day: "you know what you never see? Ernie Banks in a quadratic equation hat."


Pop quiz hotshot: Where does the U.S. rank in average life expectancy compared to all other nations? Answer: Forty-first. You know who lives longer than we do? Guamanians.


Headline: Teen's Eulogy Mostly Nickelback Lyrics.


I think I've come up with a rough plan for world peace. Hear me out for a second. This isn't my air conditioning idea again. Nor is it my sharing nachos idea. (Although some intricate combination may ultimately be the key). You know how hardcore Christian groups are adamantly anti-Harry Potter? Well, Muslims apparently are also equally anti-Harry Potter. Now, if Christians and Muslims can't join together in love, then let's bring them together in mutual hatred. The old saying goes, "My enemy's enemy is my friend".


This guy does a good Dane Cook:


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