Friday, August 24, 2007

8/24/07 Anytime

The movie Predator is on TV. It's been at least 15 years since I've seen it last. I can't think of another movie with a higher Future Governor to non-Future Governor ratio. In 1987, if you had to guess which of the actors would become governor, which would it have been? I would've chosen Carl Weathers hands down over Arnold and Jesse.


There were two commercials that irked me today. Well, two that I bothered to jot down.

First, a commercial for Levitra - It's Viagra's boner competition. They focus on two different guys, each of whom says something like, "I had no idea that my high blood pressure may have led to my erectile dysfunction." And, "My diabetes may be contributing to my E.D." The entire commercial was focusing on the fact that, despite diabetes and high blood pressure, you can still get an erection if you use Levitra. Which begs the question... why aren't these guys most focused on fixing the diabetes and high blood pressure? Especially since it's clear that those are the causes of their pee-pee problems.

Secondly, some Wrangler jeans commercial with Brett Favre. He's playing pickup football in some old-timey field with a bunch of friends, like they're at an extended family picnic or something. I say friends since two black kids try and sack him in the opening frame. So I figure it's not family. Actually, I can't figure out why they were all hanging out. The only part that really bothered me is that it seems unfair to have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time quarterbacking your pickup football team. When they were picking teams, I imagine it was like this:

Team A Captain: "I'll take Brett."
Team B Captain: "Oh, sure. That's fair. You know what? Screw you. And screw you too Brett. Packers suck."


No Longer Neighbor Natalie sends a video on The Church of Mormon.


I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm happy this week is over. To celebrate the end of this week, I present... after much anticipation.... Trapped in the Closet, Chapter 13.

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Cousin Jeff said...

I'm sure Fav-uh-ruh managed to throw at least 5 interceptions in those Wranglers - then blamed it on the jeans and his pickup offensive line.