Thursday, August 09, 2007

8/9/07 Guamanians

People from Guam are called Guamanians. I learned something new today.

I was also given possibly the worst compliment ever today. With no context necessary, some lady told me, "You're better looking than George Costanza."


Some guy got beaten senseless at a Nickelback concert. I would imagine that it helped take his mind off of the pain.


My grandpa loves Jim Cramer. He's the stock market guy on CNBC that rolls up his sleeves and goes nuts with investment tips. For a guy that normally goes nuts, he still went overboard the other day. Here's the Jim Cramer meltdown: (Note: It also led me to searching YouTube on the "meltdown". It's fun if you're bored.)


You know how sometimes you think your parents' generation is a little awkward? It's ok to admit it. I think I've figured out why. Here's why:


This is like a double neck guitar. But the opposite.


And finally, a song called "Nachos". With a name like "Nachos", it has to rule. (I'm trademarking, patenting, whatever that saying).

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Cousin Jeff said...

re: Cramer -- Wow. The guy has no sense of perspective, that the world will not end if Bear Stearns stock gets cut in half. Financial firms take risks all the time, and sometimes they lose.

People losing their houses when their mortgages reprice is a serious issue ... but he doesn't really care about that. He wants his rich friends who made half-baked hedge fund investments to get bailed out by the government ... but that's not how capitalism works. You bet wrong, you lose.