Tuesday, August 07, 2007

8/7/07 Ernie Banks and High School Algebra

A few more nuggets that have been on my mind:

  • I'll admit that I've been casually watching the Barry Bonds homerun chase over the past week or so. During one of the games, the camera panned over to a guy in the stands who looked like an old-timey kind of player. (I'm not real good at recognizing people like that). The announcers said that it was Mr. Cub Ernie Banks. It really made no sense that he was there and getting camera time. But ok. That's fine. What really caught my eye was his hat. At first I thought I didn't quite see it right... You know, like it was one of those Rorschach inkblot tests where you see what your mind wants you to see. I rewound the TV and I wasn't seeing things. Ernie Bank's hat had the full quadratic formula on it. Immediately afterwards, I did a toxicology report on myself and my surroundings and no hallucinogenics, narcotics or otherwise were found. It was real.
  • You'd think with all of the magic and wizardry at Hogwarts, they would've found a way to correct Harry's vision.
  • Microwaves can be confusing on the hour. Like, when it's 1:00, you're unsure why there's a minute on the timer.
  • I think I might have found a job.


I was wrong last month of the 2nd installed of Trapped in the Closet. It's now coming out on August 21st. For no logical reason, I'm actually excited to see it.


There's a video game coming out for the show Lost.

I think I found this at 3am. At 3am I thought it was worth saving. Now I'm not 100% sure... The Ultimate Showdown.


Cousin Jeff said...

Ernie Banks usually wears a hat that says "Mr. Cub" -- sort of like our version of "Hawk" hat. Surprising he'd venture that far out.

www.nachosrule.com said...

I searched around to find if anyone had an explanation for the hat. All I found was another blogging dude like me who saw the same thing... http://www.yearofglad.com/archives/2007_08.html#000992