Sunday, August 26, 2007

8/26/07 Lunar Eclipse

I just found out that there's a Lunar Eclipse this Tuesday. (Thanks to No Longer Neighbor Natalie). Check out this site for the best places on earth to see it. The western US and Oceania will both be able to see the entire thing. I told my buddy Nigel in Australia that Australia is the probably the best place to view it. He responded by saying, "Australia is the best place for everything."


You know how every year there are articles about the mindset of the incoming freshman class? Stuff about how they know nothing of the 1980's? Well, here's the mindset of the class of 2011. What's even more fun is this article - The mindset of the class of 2029.


Every year or so I need to post this as a reminder. This is why I love Nickelback.



My brother sends this Clearasil commercial.


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