Thursday, February 02, 2006

2/2/06 Top Ten NFL Teams of All Time

In preparation for Superbowl XL, some website has their Top Ten NFL Teams of All Time.

If you've been trying to email me, my computer mysteriously and suddenly blue screened last night. It's in pretty sad shape right now, but I still have hope that I'll revive it. In the meantime, my lack of communication and online poker is due to that.

Online poker tip of the day - If somebody raises more than half, but not all of his chips, he's looking for a call and has a monster hand. Blinds were 25/50 (I seem to always mess up in this level). Guy under the gun raises to 150. Next guy raise to 500, leaving himself with 275. This is a HUGE red flag. Yet, I'm sitting there with AK suited. I go against my better judgment and push all in. The first raiser also goes all in. The guy with 275 left also calls. The first raiser had JJ (Maybe should've folded to 2 reraises?) and the reraiser had AA. Yup. There are definitely times to fold AK suited. When the guy bet 500 of his 775 chips, it should've been obvious that I was beat (although I put him on QQ and was wrong). A more subtle point is that I could've put the first raiser on AQ or AJ, taking away one of my outs and giving me reason to fold, even if I thought I was up against QQ.

I think the correct would have been - "Yes. As a bag full of cock."

Rock, Paper Scissors is still taking off. This should settle it once and for all - No, it's not just luck. Thanks to my dad for the article.

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