Saturday, February 04, 2006

2/4/05 Emergency Food Supply

My home computer is sort of up and running. None of my programs work unless I reinstall them and Microsoft doesn't recognize my version of XP. But I can use the internet (no wireless yet) and my data is safe. So overall I'm happy.

I had no idea - The US used to have an emergency food supply for every man, woman and child for 3 years. Today though, it's not so much.

How do you know Google is in trouble?

Two poker hands today. In both, it's a sit & go table. 10 people start and the top 3 get paid.

First hand - 4 players left. So people usually play pretty tight, waiting for the money. I have 1200 in chips and am in the small blind. Blinds are 100/200. First guy to act folds and he has half of the total chips in play with 4000. The button (who has just about the same in chips as I do) raises to 400. I have 5 5. I put the guy on a steal. I decide that even if he calls, it'll be a coin flip. And most likely he'll fold, so I'll pick up 700 more chips (his bet plus the blinds). With 1900 in chips I'll be in good shape. So, I push all in. To my surprise, the big blind also goes all in and the initial raiser folds (so I'm confident that he didn't have a monster hand). The big blind had KK. I was screwed. So, I think my instincts were right. I just didn't count on the big blind holding a monster.

Second hand - Blinds are 25/50 (my favorite level) and 8 players are left. I'm in the big blind with 950 in chips and hold KJ suited. The first player limps for 50 (who limps under the gun? what could she have? I'm guessing a middle or low pair, hoping to spike a set.) and the small blind limps. I just check to see a flop. 150 in the pot and I have to act 2nd. Flop comes J 10 4 with 2 hearts (I have 2 spades). Small blind checks, I bet 125 with top pair, King kicker, and the initial limper raises quickly to 250. Well, I either have to push all in or fold. There really is no calling option here. What could she have? A set of 4s or 10s? A middle pair? 89? QK? 2 hearts? The only hand that scared me was the set. And I don't think she limps with 10 10 or AJ or an overpair. So I push all in to make it real expensive to draw to her flush or straight. I'm willing to concede if she hit a set of 4s. She thinks for about 10 seconds (which makes me believe I have the best hand, but still don't really want to risk losing to a draw) and she finally calls with QJ offsuit. Great - She's drawing to 3 outs (instead of 8 or 9 for a straight or flush draw). She catches a queen on the turn and I'm out.

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