Friday, February 24, 2006

2/24/06 Target

Have you ever shopped at Target, only meaning to buy a few items, and walking out with a whole bunch of crap? That's what I did today. I went there for shampoo, toothpaste and contact solution. I spent $144. I do that every time I go to Target. And, for those who know me, I not a shopper. I'm convinced they pump subliminal messages throughout the store. "You like bright colors. You need more random shit in your house. The 3 blade razor you own isn't good anymore. You need the 5 blade Gillette Fusion. Why don't you pick up a 24 pack of toilet paper while you're here." I even started looking at the XBox 360. It's a good thing they're out of stock, otherwise I might've been out $600. What did I learn? Avoid shopping at Target. Especially while unemployed.

John Rocker is on (Note: I wasn't out searching for man love online. This is an article).

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