Friday, February 03, 2006

2/3/06 Track Your Package

Before I start here, my laptop is still somewhat FUBAR (not to be confused with Foobar as wikipedia suggested). (You could also formulate a Yoda-like argument which states "FUBAR or not FUBAR. There is no "Somewhat FUBAR"). Anyways, this means, that unless I get it fixed in the next 48 hours, no new posts until Monday. And if you're the kind of person that enjoys this kind of problem solving, call me (don't email for obvious reasons). I need help. I'm actually going to use my iPod as backup storage. If you really want the details, like I said, just call.

Am I the only one who loves tracking my packages online? Over the past month, I amassed an order on Amazon and I finally made the purchase on Wednesday. I love seeing where this package is. It's almost as if I still can't believe that anything I ordered is important enough to travel to all of these locations. My $200 order is getting a far nicer vacation than I could ever take for 10 times as much. And it still blows my mind that it's profitable for them to offer me super saver, free shipping. I know, economics of scale. It's still impressive for my feeble mind. My package has gone from Bowling Green, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee overnight. I mapped it out. It went 65 miles south in 24 hours. It still has 2016 miles to go. At the rate it's going it'll be here in just over a month (Note, it would be exactly a month if February didn't have 28 days and wasn't so complicated). It also makes me laugh when I see that the order originated like 50 miles from where I live, then gets flown 1000 miles to Nashville, only to make it back to the state where I live. I guess what I learned is that my package checked out of Nashville this morning. And I don't know where it's going. But I'm curious as a cat. That's why my friends call me "Whiskers".

Have fun with your Superbowl plans. Be safe.

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