Monday, February 27, 2006

2/27/06 Kodaly Solfege Hand Signs

Remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Remember the song that the aliens played? And the hand signs they used to represent the notes? Those are Kodaly Solfege Hand Signs. Can someone that is musically inclined help me with the solfege? Re Mi Do Do (low) So? I want to be able to do those hand signs randomly on the street and have some weirdo know exactly what I'm doing.

If you're like me, you were probably sitting on your couch in your underwear at 1:00 pm today wondering, "What exactly IS a Bose-Einstein Condensate? It's the fifth state of matter. There's solid, liquid and gas. Then plasma (real hot) and then the Bose-Einstein Condensate (real cold).

Check your birthday and which obscure holiday shares that day. Today is "International Polar Bear Day".

Check out the new show Free Ride on Fox. It's about a guy living with his parents after college. It would probably be funnier if I could relate.

Ok. Confession time. I lived with my parents when I was 22, 24 and 27. I know exactly what that show is about. Cuz I'm a LOSER.


kyle t. said...

I share a birthday with International Polar Bear Day? Sweet! said...

Happy Birthday, dude!

Jordan Eldredge said...

Are you trying to figure out the solfeg for that song? Or just curious about solfeg in general?