Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6/13/06 Real Men of RPS Genius

Real Men of Genius - RPS Style. Much like "The Goonie Oath", RPS tournaments begin with an oath that I guarantee you couldn't recite right now:

“I know that RPS belongs to no man or woman and was created before recorded history. To that end, as I prepare to battle and engage my worthy and respected opponent, I honor the RPS players that came before me. I recognize the rules and regulations of the United States of America Rock Paper Scissors League as the governing body of the sport and yield to the authority of its referees and officials. RO-SHAM-BO – SHOOT” (It is typical to accompany the last cry with clenched fists waving in the air in unison (as in the wind-up) and then shooting your favorite throw.)

All of this RPS, led me to the USA RPS MySpace page. I know I'm single and lonely and all... But the Girls of RPS are hot.

My dad sends the Top 10 Brainiest Small Cities. Now, I've met quite a few people where I live, and not many of them would I consider "brainy". Suffice it to say that high school and college graduation rates definitely do not equate to being "brainy".

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