Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6/27/06 All I Wanted Was a Pepsi

Yesterday, the Sports Guy wrote an entire article about YouTube. Which led me to surfing YouTube for over an hour last night. And I found perhaps my favorite Beavis and Butthead video.

Does anybody else get AARP forms in the mail? Or is it just me? How did I end up on their list?

While I'm asking questions - Do you have a MySpace page? I finally have one. I fought the whole online socializing thing after Friendster went to hell. I worked for 3 years to amass 30 or so friends (half of them are made up friends like Sloth, Salma Hayek and Hawk Harrelson). Then everyone stopped using Friendster and moved to MySpace. Long story short, I have a crappy page and a couple of friends. Feel free to add me as your friend.

I've been trying to get my poker game back on track the last two days. And I'm living in bad beat hell. I've played 6 or 7 sit and go's and haven't cashed in one. I've been knocked out playing QQ against 10 10 (I'm more than 80% to win), AQ suited against QJ, 9 9 against A 7 when the flop came 7 high (the guy is drawing to 5 outs)... It's been sickening. I even played aggressively early today with AK of diamonds with a flop of 8 6 2 with 2 diamonds. I was called by 9 9 and I lost. I then looked up the percentages and I was a 55% - 45% favorite. The way I look at it - I'm getting all of my bad beats out of the way now. And they'll all even out this weekend.

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Mezzopat said...

As far as your luck in poker this past week, remember that when performing, a bad final rehearsal means a good performance. That should work for poker too !