Monday, June 26, 2006

6/26/06 Fantasy Poker

It's only natural that I have poker on the brain this week. I spend far too much of my time going over situations that could arise at the WSOP. What if someone raises early, I look down at kings and reraise, then get reraised back and now have to decide for all my chips if this guy is holding aces? I've been told "Bet the farm with Kings". But I've also been told "The fourth raise means aces". But I'm the fourth raise here. It's all very confusing. So, let's say your advice is to bet the farm, what do I do if I'm in the same situation, but with queens? What if I flop a set with 3 hearts on the board? What if I flop top 2 pair and a tight player is representing a set? How am I going to stay focused for 12+ hours? These are the thoughts that are keeping me up at night.

Ever since I caught the poker bug from Poker Jason, he's been pushing "Fantasy Poker". It works just like any other fantasy sport, where you draft players and get rewarded for their tournament winnings. Well, Poker Jason, ESPN has now brought Fantasy Poker mainstream.

This week's photos of arrested prostitutes is brought to you b..... fhmm.... ack... (gulp). Sorry, I sorta just threw up in my mouth.

In an unrelated story... Actual headline - "Officers honored for finding man's penis"

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