Wednesday, June 07, 2006

6/7/06 Lawyers Playing RPS

How do lawyers set up their game of Rock Paper Scissors?

Did anything creepy happen to you on 6/6/6? I got drilled in the ankle by a softball and now have a giant welt. And my Yahoo Launchcast showed a station called "666" this morning. I tried it and it was super crappy death metal. So no, I don't have any good stories.

As if online gambling wasn't a saturated market, here's a new one for you. Bet on the longevity of your friends' marriages. It's kind of sick and sad, sure. But you're lying if you've never had a thought that was in that general direction.

Let's just chalk it up to coincidence... But it seems like my crackpot rant from yesterday has some merit. Arizona Diamondback reliever (now ex-Arizona Diamondback reliever) Jason Grimsley had his house searched for performance enhancing drugs. Turns out he admitted to steroid and amphetamine use and had just received a package of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This wasn't his first package of HGH either. HGH cannot currently be tested for. So, even though it's against baseball's rules, they can't catch you if you use it. Looks like HGH might be the mystery "supplement" I was referring to yesterday.


Since Blogger was all jacked up today, Cousin Jeff emailed the following (instead of posting a comment)....

There is nothing crackpot about your theory. Here are a few items for your consideration:

Pee No Evil
Why are sportswriters pretending baseball's steroids era is over?
By Jeff Pearlman
Posted Friday, June 2, 2006, at 5:12 PM ET

I'm sure you've heard about the Jason Grimsley HGH stuff - here's his redacted affidavit that appears to name MANY names:

"The first thing I thought when Pujols came up lame: hmm, oblique sure sounds like a steroid injury"

Plus, the perception that Clemens is on something is becoming heard more and more.


What can I say? I was one day early breaking the story. (I had actually scribbled some notes at work and had meant to write about it for more than a week. Good thing I didn't wait any longer. Otherwise I would've pulled my normal, "hey, funny this happened. I was just thinking that something was up...")

More sports... Game 1 of hockey's Stanley Cup Finals had fewer viewers than the Arizona vs. Northwestern woman's softball game Monday night on ESPN2 (see bottom of article).

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