Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6/6/06 It's the End of the World As We Know It

What's better than a Rubik's Cube? A 4-dimensional Rubik's Cube. And what's better than that? A 5-dimensional Rubik's Cube.

I have a new, crackpot theory for ya'll. It's baseball related. It has to do with the resurgence of so many players that were inexplicably terrible in 2005. And, all the sudden, are back as stars. Have you noticed certain guys making headlines again? Guys like Nomar (hit a career low .283 last year and is now batting .366) and Giambi? There were a lot of question marks regarding their potential use of "supplements" during their glory years. Magglio Ordonez (Has 5 more HRs this year than all of last year), Mike Lowell (.236, 8 HRs in 2005), Shawn Green, and Ivan Rodriguez (2005 was lowest batting avg. and HR total since 1993) are all batting over .300. They're all having outstanding years so far. Until their injuries, Albert Pujols was on pace to crush Barry Bonds' single season homerun record. And Jim Thome was on pace for 60+. Why the resurgence in offense? Is it simply coincidence? For one, I don't think so.

The theory? There's a new "supplement" in town. One that isn't tested for under the latest Collective Bargaining Agreement. Which means that the game of cat and mouse continues. I'm not calling out all of the players I've mentioned. There is just too much of a trend for there to be a mere coincidence. Something is going on. And, since I have no affiliations with any sports site, I'm going to mention it first. Comments?

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