Sunday, April 16, 2006

4/16/06 The World Juggling Federation

Before my little trip last week, I set up my DVR to record a few shows. Randomly, in my search for shows I found the 2005 World Juggling Federation championships. It's pretty impressive stuff. Watch the videos here. (Vova's probably the best of the bunch). Also, if you catch it on TV, the announcers are brutal assholes. They make sure to nit pick at anything and everything. How they move their hips too much from side to side. How their form is too robotic. Even how a guy smiles too much. If they had any idea how to promote their "sport", they'd be a little more enthusiastic about the competitions.

While playing poker at the Bellagio last week, I was chatting with the dude to my left. He had a very fascinating theory about the recent poker boom. He said that poker took off as a result of the hockey strike last season. ESPN and other sports channels needed to fill their hockey slots with something else. So they began to air poker far more often. I can't really disagree.

The same day I saw Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Harman, Barry Greenstein, Davd Sklansky and Mike Sexton playing for stakes about 1000 times what I was playing for.

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