Sunday, April 30, 2006

4/30/06 You Tube

I spent a little time exploring today. I came across a few classic sports moments...

Mike Tyson talking about Allah and eating children

Jim "Chris" Everett

Since the White Sox were in town this weekend, I started to back into the spirit.

For when I become pope, I've decided on my pope name.

Poker Talk 1 - I've been experimenting a little by playing some more starting hands and seeing cheap flops with them. Pretty early in a sit & go I raised 2x the bb with 9 8 of hearts. I got one caller in middle position, then the bb raised the minimum (from 120 to 180). That's usually a sign of a real big hand like aces. I call, as does the other guy. The flop comes Q 7 6 with 2 hearts. So I have a flush draw and a straight draw. Even though I'm pretty sure the guy has aces, I check my odds. Assuming he has aces, I'm still 56% to win the hand. (I thought that there was a slight chance he had AK suited, but that didn't really factor into my decision). These hands are tricky, in the way that it's counter intuitive that you have the best hand even though, at the moment, I have Queen high. The guy with Aces (I'll fill you in - he did have aces) bets near the pot (500). I come over the top all in for what I had left (1350 or so). He hesitates, writes "Did you hit a set?", then calls. I miss my hand and he comments that I was chasing a flush draw. For people who count outs, I had 9 outs for the flush plus 6 outs for the straight (normally it's 8 outs for a straight, but 2 of the outs are counted towards the flush). That's 15 outs with 2 cards to come. Which definitely made me a favorite. These hands don't happen too often, but it's definitely worth considering your outs when you have both a flush and straight draw.

Poker Talk 2 - I was put in another situation that doesn't come around too often. In fact, I can't remember being in this position before. That's probably why I'm proud of what I did. Blinds were getting high (200/400) in a sit and go and I only had 1350 left in chips. We were 5 handed and I was on the button. The guy to my right went all in for 150 (less than the small blind). I had 4 3. I decided, that I could go all in, most likely get the blinds to think I have a huge hand and fold. And, even if I lose, I pick up part of the blinds. And, there's still a 35 or so percent chance that I'd win the hand outright and knock a guy out. It worked. I lost the hand to the guy who was all in, but I picked up 300 more chips while losing a hand. The guy in the sb commented "tricky". It was tricky. And that's why I'm happy I did it :)

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