Sunday, April 23, 2006

4/23/06 NBA Jam

The Sports Guy's heating up.... He's on fire! This article is probably only of interest to me. But The Sports Guy compares Pearl Jam lyrics to NBA players and teams.

Growing up I used to think that discussions about gas prices were ridiculous. It seemed as though the local news was trying to make a big deal about nothing. It seemed to me that the same people who were all upset about a 10 cent a gallon increase (which is what... $1.50 a tank more?) were the same people that would go out to the bars are spend $50 on beer on a Friday night. I don't know a lot of people who were financially pressed to shell out an extra buck or two a week. It just seemed like something to bitch and moan about for the sake of bitching and moaning. For the first time, however, I believe that gas prices this summer will have a significant impact on quite a few people. And thanks to Professor Ruzic, I was prepared in 1999 for the gas price surge in 2006. (Actually he said 2007 would be the point where prices would rise significantly and would never decrease again. So it should be worse in coming years). Which is why I am posting local gas prices.

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