Friday, April 07, 2006

4/7/06 The Chatterbox Challenge

A bunch of computer scientists, in an attempt to create artificial intelligence, have entered the chatterbox challenge. The "bots" are asked questions and then they respond. You can click on the links to see how the conversations panned out.

Here's an example from Hal:

Hal: Hello Judge. Its nice to meet such a fine gentleman as yourself.
1) Who are you?
Hal: I am Hal.
2) What are you planning to do today?
Hal: It's simpler than it sounds. Long range planning in today's business,
is about a year.
3) What kinds of things do you know?
Hal: What kinds of things do I know? It could get better or worse. Demonstrations
can be better than explanations.
4) What season is it?
Hal: Everybody needs to put in their share. Stage hypnotists like to make people
do funny things.
5) Where do you call home?
Hal: Household upkeep is hard work!
6) What do you want out of life?
Hal: Fine dining is high pleasure.
7) Will you teach me something?
Hal: It's obvious that there's cause and effect. Judge, I will teach you something.
8) May I tell you a joke?
Hal: I go blank when I try to think of a joke.
9) Have you entered any contests?
Hal: --- Error on Page --- Lost chat. had to hit back to get to last message to ask
10) Wouldn't you rather be human?
Hal: I would rather enjoy good human company than see television all day.

NBC is doing their poker heads up challenge again. It starts to air April 16th. I finally realized that I watch way too much poker on TV when I easily knew who 75% of the participants are.

Good news folks - I don't have stigmata. I actually did my share of research into the subject. First off, stigmata occurs in the hands (not the wrists).

(SIDE NOTE) Although, I learned a long time ago the Christ was probably crucified through his wrists (even though the pictures show that it's through his hands). This is because your hand bones and muscles and tendons cannot support your weight for a long time in that position. For lack of being tactful, the nail/stake would basically tear through your hand and you'd fall off the cross.

My mom told me about Padre Pio and his battle with stigmata. I asked, "When was he alive? 1140 A.D.?" She said, "No, he just died recently." She also said that St. Francis of Assisi had the stigmata. So now I feel a little bad joking around about it. Because St. Fracis of Assisi is supposed to be looking after my dog.

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