Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4/5/06 The Healthy Human Flesh Alternative

Nigel from Australia doesn't write much anymore. But the other day I get an IM with a link. The Healthy Human Flesh Alternative. Just in case you wanted to try and eat something that tastes like human flesh. But isn't. That was the extent of our conversation. I'm a little worried about you, Nigel.

WARNING - Do NOT open this at work. Or if you get offended by anything natural. Ok. Now, follow the red ball.

Ric Romero on the scene... This just in... He's discovered the CTRL+F shortcut!

The war in Iraq has exceeded $250,000,000,000. What could we have done with that money instead?

"With 250 billion dollars the United States could have purchased Full ride 4-year college scholarships for 7,260,000 students."

You know you always see the price of oil. $60 a barrel. $70 a barrel. I decided to check how many gallons are in that barrel. It's 42 gallons. So, $60 a barrel divided by 42 gallons is $1.43 a gallon. Wait, across the street it's $2.89 a gallon. Why the 100% mark up?

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Cousin Jeff said...

Oil - a lot of that is transportation. Then oil has to be turned into gasoline, which costs a bit. Then, in many states, ethanol is added because Iowa is a swing state and everyone in Congress wants to be President one day.

Ultimately, the family that owns the gas station gets a profit of maybe 10 or 20 cents a gallon under normal conditions.