Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10/11/06 Big Mac, McDLT....

I want to squash any rumors that I'm dead. I'm not. I'm alive. Alas, today's theme is about resurrection.

That being said (and staying with the theme of not being dead)... The McDonald's Menu song lives on.

Which South Park Character are you? Take the quiz. (Sticking with today's theme... Ironically, I'm Kenny).

Remember the recent geography quiz? The one that was really hard? Here's one that's easier - Identify 25 U.S. Cities. I finished 25/25 in 38 seconds (I blame the time more on my touch pad mouse and less on my retardedness.)

Continuing with today's theme.... Music from the Bill and Ted era just won't die. Some dude rocking out Pachebel's Canon (in D?) on electric guitar.

If you're ever home sick and are going boredom-nuts, I have a suggestion. Check out Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. (Might I also suggest going to the 2nd page and checking out the "This is your brain on drugs" as a starting point - You'll know if this is up your alley after watching it).

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Cousin Jeff said...

34.5 seconds.