Wednesday, October 25, 2006

10/25/06 One Eyed Willie

I probably shouldn't admit this, since it's risking my somewhat heterosexual image. But what the heck - I went to a "pumpkin carving" party tonight. And I decided to make a pirate. And since the result is a million times better than expected, I took a picture and there it is.

Not too long ago I posted about the great pumpkin shortage of 2006. Well, the author of that blog kindly wrote to inform me that the article was written in September 2004. So, thanks for the correction. And despite the brief exciting news that pumpkins would be abundant this year - I found out that there really is a shortage. (Although I found some sweet ass, big, juicy pumpkins at Trader Joe's for $2.50 a piece. And much like a parking spot in a crowded city, all you need is one.)


Anonymous said...

cool carving
did a great job.

Smokeylady54 said...

you do know what a one eyed willie is don't you or am i showing my age