Sunday, October 29, 2006

10/29/06 Living in a Van Down By the River

Since it's Halloween time and every year I see Matt Foley costumes, here are a bunch of Chris Farley clips.

Also, since it's Halloween time and my pirate pumpkin has since molded out and grown hair... Here is a way to virtually carve a pumpkin. (Thanks to the few people who sent this to me).

Almost as clever as ass pennies - Some dude took a penny worth $500 and put it into circulation. Intentionally.

This week's online game/competition for the week. Yeti Sports. Since the website is a little protected, you have to set up a free account. I know, I know.... It sounds like a lot of trouble. It'll take you 30 seconds. You'll spend 100 times as long playing the games. So, go to "Play online" and set up a quick account (use some the same email you use when you sign up for other crap online).

THE GAME: Part 10 - Icicle Climb. I spent quite some time trying to pass 10 meters. I finally got there. The score was 10.385. What's your best?

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