Thursday, October 12, 2006

10/12/06 Slurp

It's already old news. But I first got an email from Cousin Lisa when it was new news and it's taken me 36 hours to post it (my bad). And, since I'm me and full of non-sensical opinions, I'm posting the 7:11 start time promotion by the White Sox.

First - My dad sends a quote from Rozner's column (I think in the Daily Herald) and directs it to Cousin Lisa...

"The new 7-Eleven tie-in for the White Sox is brilliant, but the Cubs would have been a better fit, because that’s also the date on which the Cubs’ season usually is pronounced dead."

Second - They're only paying $500,000 for the season? (I read some joke somewhere that it's the Dustin Hermanson buyout promotion - Since his contract buyout is exactly $500,000. I think. Otherwise the joke doesn't make sense.) I don't know how these negotiations went, but I'm sure that I could've gotten double that for a season. The recent national advertising alone is worth $500,000. That's like $6 per 7-11. Or a bag of beef jerky.


Random thought of the day: Watching "Lost" one week at a time blows. Watching an entire season in 6 days is way better.

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