Wednesday, October 18, 2006

10/18/06 War Propaganda

War propaganda is nothing new. One of my favorite examples is Disney using Donald Duck to promote paying taxes to support World War II. Just watch it. It's almost stunning to think that this was commonplace. Was collecting taxes THAT hard in the 1940's? Was this the common war sentiment at the time?


Random thought of the day - Light colors reflect light. Dark colors absorb light. Therefore it's common for whites and light colors to be worn in hot areas and during hot seasons. So why didn't bears evolve that way? You know - bears in cold climates are white. They should be dark to absorb whatever heat they need. And bears in warmer climates are brown and black. Why do you think that is? (And I don't believe the "blending in with the surroundings" reason. Bears are predators and don't need to blend in.)


On a more positive note - If you've ever seen the show "Scrubs" you'll recognize The Blanks. They're also known as "Ted's Band" - the acapella group the randomly appears throughout the show. While all of the clips from the show are good, my new favorite is "Maniac".

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Mike said...

Preadators use camo to better stalk their victims. Even if you can outrun your prey, you don't necessarily want to waste the energy. Camo'll get you in real close so that you can jack 'em up, nice close and personal.