Sunday, June 10, 2007

6/10/07 Nacho Fantasy

(WARNING: This isn't exactly 100% safe for work).... Some guy lived out his fantasy and ate nachos while having sex. It only seems appropriate that, as the resident online nacho spokesperson, I give him some credit... for finding nachos in Bali.


While I'm going inappropriate today - Ann Coulter gets a creampie. (Unfortunately, it's not as grudge-a-licious as you might hope).


I hope, for all of our sakes, that this is the last time I mention Evan O'Dorney. After giving this lots of thought, I finally figured out what he needs. (No, it's not medication). He needs an agent. We've seen him on CNN in a poorly constructed interview that made his idiosyncrasies look like he's a cocky asshole. When, in reality, he's just more borderline autistic. (Watch it again - you'll see what I'm talking about). How is this happening? I get the feeling that his parents are getting phone calls like, "Hey, can Evan appear on the (whatever) show tomorrow?" And they're like, "Yeah sure. That sounds great." And each of the shows is doing their absolute worst to portray him in a positive light. Here's another example from the Jimmy Kimmel show - Seriously, couldn't they have let the kid win? Or at least told him that it was a joke?


And finally, here's something fun. Jager Bomb dominoes:

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