Wednesday, June 06, 2007

6/6/07 Drive In Movies

The Drive-In is back. In Orange County. This also seems like a good time to congratulate the Anaheim "Don't Call Us Mighty" Ducks for winning the Stanley Cup. If you don't live in California, you probably had no idea that hockey is still played professionally. It is. And people here are psyched.


In a following up to the 2007 Spelling Bee, I found a repeat of the finals on my DVR. With the ending in tact. First, the Canadian's mom wasn't as hot as I thought. But she's still cute. For a mom. But, looking back, I think I Samir Patel-ed her. (That's a subtle reference to "overhype".) Both Mister Abrams and Hot Corner Heidi IMed to tell me that "cilice" was the only word they got right. (And to a lesser extent, reaffirming that I'm an idiot). They both referred to "The Da Vinci Code". Now, if the word had been "cryptex", I would've been all over that one.


100 movies, 100 quotes, 100 numbers... If you have time, this is cool...


I love 1960's propaganda:

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