Monday, June 04, 2007

6/4/07 Low Pressure System

Every so often I just need to write just to clear my head. I made the mistake of turning on my TV today. And my mind is now cluttered with crap. So the crap is making its way here. I apologize in advance for the mental diarrhea.

Have you seen these commercials? Or others like them that are just downright insulting?

  • The consolidated credit commercial where the guy says, "6 in 10 people are in debt." Then he acts like he's making some sort of profound statement, sternly raises his voice and follows that up with, "That's more than half". Oh, really? Thanks. I guess this commercial is geared towards those people who are still in awe of the dissected thumb trick. I can't wait for their next commercial where the guy grabs the screen and tells us, "Got your nose".

  • Some GMC Denali commercial shows the truck drive straight up the side of a large building. It then drives down the opposite side. However, just so we're clear, in large print you read, "Fictionalization". Again, thanks.

  • "Poker After Dark" airs from 2:00 am to 3:00 am, 6 nights a week. Just about every time it airs, there's a commercial that starts something like this - "If you could guarantee the security of your children and grandchildren, wouldn't you do it?" What demographic do they think is watching poker at 2:30 am? The concerned grandparent demographic? Try loser, single guys like me between the ages of 18 and 32. I'm sure whatever you're offering is fantastic. We're just not interested.

During some ESPN game break, there was a highlight of the Milwaukee Brewers and Prince Fielder. The ESPN guy was recalling someone else's quote and said something like "His biceps are so big, you could draw a map of the United States on there and still have room for Argentina." Why Argentina? If he was making it up on the spot, then fine. It's cool. But he was quoting someone else and had it prepared. Still, everyone laughed. I'm only telling you this so you can read the origin of every state name.



This one I like. It was sent yesterday by the Nacho Expert to share some joy:


Skooky said...

I hate you for making me watch the flea market commercial.
I just took you out of my will and im going to cut myself..

Skooky said...

I take that back.
Whilst selecting the proper cutting tool.. i watched the gal deep throat her icecream cone.. and i thank you for that.
Youre back in my good books