Monday, June 25, 2007

6/25/07 This Blog is Rated "R"

No Longer Neighbor Natalie tells me that this blog is rated "R". I checked for myself. It is. My first response was that the "R" rating was perfect. Since it fits right in with my target audience of pirates. Then, given the chance to never tell that joke again, I still did. Right now. Then I thought, well, perhaps I should watch my language a little bit more. This is available to anyone to read. That's probably not a good venue to swear. Now I'm thinking, fuck it.


Charlotte Dan sends, what should be the next "Encyclopedia Brown" story. The case of the $67 million pants.

Have you ever read/seen/heard something that you rarely, if ever, read/see/hear... then read/see/hear it again later that same day? And you start to wonder what kind of crazy sign/coincidence it is? Why is this part of the Charlotte Dan article? Because this has happened to me twice in recent days.

The first had to do with Encyclopedia Brown. Before I went to see "1408", I saw that "Nancy Drew" was a movie. Which got me to thinking about books of our childhood. (Is childhood collective? Or is it childhoods?) And I mentioned that I was a big fan of "Encyclopedia Brown". Lo and behold, John Cusack makes an "Encyclopedia Brown" reference in the movie. (I swear it wasn't in the book).

The second instance had to do with a windsock. I was watching some show about Jupiter and the magnetic field is in the shape of a windsock that extends out to Saturn or something crazy like that. Since I obviously don't know much about anything that's obvious, I had to look up windsock. Again, later that day, I was in a little strip mall of offices. And, voila, a windsock store.

This is where the blog is open for comments. Tell us about your best crazy coincidence story. Remember, this blog is rated "R". So go nuts.


Guitar Hero 3. Coming this fall. Personally, I'm super excited about "Cult of Personality" and "Cherub Rock".

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